Spacial Wants & Needs

Spacial Needs:

The Great Room: This room will serve as the main gallery and is available for large scale installations, solo exhibitions, small group shows, performances, fashion shows, and private functions.

The Sitting Room: This room will serve as the member artist's gallery, and is available for solo exhibitions, and group shows by members. This room will serve as a reception area during special events, and is also available for private functions.

broke&arted: This boutique would serve to further the art of our members through the sale of prints, flyers, and postscards. Appropriate art may be submitted for consignment, and broke&arted supports the work of local artisans, screen printers and fasion designers. This room will display the artwork of aspiring members during their probationary period, and will serve to introduce our artists to the community.

The Main Office: This room will serve as the financial heart of the space, and all non commission sales will go through the main office. This space will serve as the members roundtable, and must be large enough to contain submitted materials for review.

Kitchen: Our kitchen must be large enough to facilitate catering staff for our special functions.

Bathroom: A full bathroom* is needed; an additional "guest only" bathroom would be an asset.

Spacial Wants:

Studio or Apartment: This space would be used by the gallery director, and would be made available to members and exhibiting artists. An additional bathroom* and kitchen would be ideal.

Artist Studio Space: A member's only arts studio would be available to all members and exhibiting artists, and would double as an installations storage space. This space also functions to continue our community outreach through educational member led classes and tutorials.

Rooftop Access: If the building has rooftop access, it will be seen as beneficial and would be used to facilitate special member's functions and private receptions.

Enclosed Yard or Patio: If the space offered direct access to the community, it would be seen as a blessing. Cook-outs and member garage sales would be seen as an opportunity to draw in guests that may otherwise disregard our efforts.

Garage or Parking: If the building had a garage or reserved parking spaces, they would be readily utilized.